Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and being open and transparent about how we handle your personal information.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we manage personal information we hold about you in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Collection of personal information 

Due to the nature of the medical services we provide, we ask for a range of personal information from all of our patients. The information we typically collect includes, but is not limited to, your name, address, date of birth, contact details (telephone and email), occupation, Medicare number, emergency contact-numbers and (where applicable) Health Fund details and Department of Veterans’ Affair number.

Some of the personal information we collect is ‘sensitive’, relating to your health and lifestyle habits, as this information can often assist in providing you with optimal medical care.

Your personal information will be collected directly from you or in the case of minors below the age of 18, from a parent or legal guardian, or for patients in care, from a legal guardian or carer, in one of the following ways:

  • as disclosed by you to our administration staff, scientists, or consulting Medical Specialists
  • as advised by your referring doctor
  • as a result of your completing a confidential patient questionnaire (and consent form)
  • as advised by your employer or other third party requesting a neurological investigation and/or consultation.


Personal information relevant to your treatment may also be collected from third parties, such as other health service providers, with your consent.

How we use your personal information 

We use your personal information:

  • to plan and provide the most appropriate neurophysiological investigations for you
  • for administrative and billing purposes
  • for the purpose of reporting back to your referring doctor, employer or third party (if authorised)
  • to verify your identity
  • for complaint-management and responses (uncommon)
  • to respond to appropriate requests for information from other parties, especially medical practitioners involved in treating you.


Disclosure of personal information 

We do not disclose your personal information without your permission, unless the disclosure is:

  • in accordance with this privacy policy or any specific agreement you enter into with Corbett Medical Services
  • required or authorized by law
  • consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles.


No direct marketing 

Your personal information will not be used for any form of direct marketing.

Disclosure of personal information to overseas recipients 

Your personal information will not be disclosed to an overseas recipient unless you request this and give written consent.

Quality of personal information 

All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Our staff are trained to respect the confidentiality and privacy of your personal information.

Security of personal information 

Safeguarding the privacy, security and integrity of your personal information is important. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that your personal information is protected from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Your information is held initially in both paper and electronic form but once it is saved electronically, paper records are destroyed by a professional document-destruction service.

Access to personal information 

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner outlines your rights to access your records. Access to records must be made in writing and will be actioned once identity has been validated.

Correction of personal information 

All effort is made to ensure that your personal information is accurate, up-to-date and complete. Please contact us if you believe that it might for any reason need to be changed or up-dated.

Updated 8 April 2014.