EEGs (Electroencephalograms)


An EEG is a painless test which records electrical activity of the brain, and is used particularly when investigating and managing epilepsy. EEG’s are performed with a patient sitting or reclining in a comfortable lounge chair, with a cap and leads attached.

EEG’s are also requested for Fits, Faints and Funny Turns

Our (preferred) 3-hour EEG is 100% Bulk Billed to Medicare

This test is performed after the patient has been food and sleep-deprived for the previous 12 hours prior to their appointment.
Water is allowed during these 12 hours (although special arrangements apply to diabetic patients). Any prescribed medications are normally continued.

20-45 minute fast tracked EEG – with photic stimulation

This test is not Bulk Billed – please call for fee information
This test does not require fasting. It can be performed within 45 minutes and the patient can be back at work afterwards. We supply shower and hair dryer facilities.


Normal EEG


Abnormal EEG