Our Doctors

Professor John CorbettProf-Corbett2

Professor John Corbett has been practising medicine in Southport for 20 years. He is Queensland-born and raised in Brisbane.

After winning the Rhodes Scholarship for Queensland in 1964 he travelled to Oxford University where he stayed for 9 years, becoming an Oxford Don and afterwards a Visiting Professor at Harvard before returning to Australia to practice Neurology.

Since spending nine years in neurophysiology at Oxford and Harvard long ago, he has maintained a life long interest in electrophysiology.

In 2001 he was awarded a Centenary Medal for “Distinguished Service to Medicine”.


Dr Ventzi Bonevventzi

Dr Bonev was educated in his birth country, Bulgaria, where he met and married his wife Marina, a Psychiatrist. His neurological training was performed in South Africa, his country of migration at a time when Bulgaria was undergoing significant civil and political upheaval.

After qualifying as a specialist, he practiced as a Consultant Neurologist in South Africa for 7 years, during which time he gained wide experience in clinical Neurology.

Dr Bonev has now been practicing in Australia since 2007, and in doing so he has made a valuable contribution to the profession and to the local community.